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Founders’ Statement




[W]hile looking back to the past, memories take me to the 1950s, when there was only a family business in the form of a small brick factory. The journey from there was gradual. We are currently counted among the best companies for the services we offer.

The Group has been committed to provide its clients the best services using the most advanced technologies. The success of the newly added diversified branches to our groups underline the Researches value of the research that we have implemented to explore new technologies and areas of improvement.

While introducing this document, we always welcome customer feedback to improve the of our services. We are committed toward providing our clients with solutions of the best quality keeping in mind the safety of the society involved and without harming the environment, thereby contributing actively to the development of the nation.

I would like to highlight that this success was built on our customers’ satisfaction, and the good will we earned through uncompromising stands in quality. While thanking our customers for the trust they have bestowed upon us, I can never forget the contribution of my staff, my trusted lieutenants, who have made this feat possible.I believe that they are our greatest assets, and would like to dedicate this opportunity to salute them all.




[T]here is something in common with clients, irrespective of the service they demand. They always require their service providers to provide them the best quality at an affordable cost. We are obliged to deliver the best quality of services and make sure that the customers have received the best for what they have paid.

Customer satisfaction is frequently measured with effective surveying methodologies. Customer satisfaction surveys are conducted twice a year. The team makes sure that the survey is conducted among the right cross section of customers. Such surveys have always provided us with novel ideas to serve the customers to the best of our ability. In achieving these, we have never made quality and safety a second priority. The QA/QC department is regularly updated with the most sophisticated methodologies and with the best possible staff.

The group’s safety team has the reputation of being one of the best in the industry. The work places are analyzed and the workers are made “feel at home” at their work places. Job Hazards are eliminated and safety is ensured while at work. To add to the team’s credit, the places where work is carried out are analyzed after the work, to ensure safety of the clients. The recurrence of our customers says it all.




[W]e at Sayed Kadhem Al Durazi & Sons BSC (c) understand that finance has an integral part to play in achieving the goals of an organization. We have dedicated ourselves to continually improve the quality of services offered. We focus on the needs of our customer and give importance to their satisfaction.

This helped us in escalating the firm to our current position, and has motivated us towards achieving a sustainable growth. Through an improved communication with our business stake holders, we work effectively in allocating resources to satisfy the needs of our clients.

We are proud of what we have achieved during the past. We have made a positive contribution to the local communities and thereby have effectively contributed to the building of the nation, by developing long-term partnerships with the government organizations of the Island.

Keeping in mind the external business environment, we would be trying to build a strong income structure, without disturbing the financial discipline the company has always maintained.




[S]ayed Kadhem Al Durazi & Sons Co. BSC “SKD Group” is a diverse group of companies that meet the institutional, industrial, commercial, and residential customers’ needs. We introduce a wide range of products and services to these markets.

Since 2010, when I became the GM of SKD Group, we continued our effort and determination to develop sustainable and strategic improvements in our enterprise strategy. We have continued to invest in our Research and Development department (R&D) and focus on deploying its outcomes. We are progressing with our health, safety and environmental objectives, improving our quality assurance and control goals, reducing our projects completion time, enhancing our yields, and diversifying our products and services. R&D perseveres to be an essential element in us achieving our “Vision 2020”.

In 2010, we made strategic investments and businesses in internal expansion, de-merging the profitable and potential expandable departments to independent companies, and externally merged companies and made new acquisitions. Furthermore, we focused on investing heavily in order to have the best team and have continuous development plans for each and every employee. We focused on positioning ourselves as a profitable company with sustainable growth, despite the challenging economic conditions. We expanded, progressed, and became a market leader and moved ever closer towards our enterprise strategy and “Vision 2020” to become a regional leader.