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Our Rules

Caring Culture

In the SKD, the concept of a caring culture involves several things: our leadership cares about employees, employees care about each other and their customers, and everyone cares about the company’s mission and direction. As a result, SKD’s culture is shaped by its caring leadership, which ensures that all its employees are treated fairly. It is founded on a fair and trustworthy working environment that follows international processes and standards at all levels. Furthermore, SKD maintains high standards for welfare amenities to guarantee that employees are satisfied at work.

  • Visible and engaged management
  • Fair trusting work environment
  • Provision of adequate welfare facilities and resources

Employer of Choice

Employees at the SKD have a clear career path and development ladder, as well as defined duties and responsibilities. SKD management is committed to adopting a contemporary leadership style that motivates employees to work for the company, and they honor and reward efforts and positive initiatives from all levels.

  • Clear career progression
  • Transparent roles and responsibilities
  • Encourages rewards and recognition

Zero Harm

SKD uses stringent methods to protect the safety of its employees in a Zero Harm environment. This is realized through the adoption of safe work procedures, which involve employee training so that they are capable of doing their everyday activities. In addition, suitable resources and a work environment must be provided. To fulfil international standards and other regulatory authorities’ requirements, this process is supervised and audited by a trustworthy staff.

  • Competent workforce
  • Adequate provision of resources and work environment
  • Robust compliance and governance

Environmentally Friendly

SKD is committed to the environment by using environmentally friendly practices that ensure the ecosystem’s long-term viability. As a result, as a symbol of environmental care, SKD established many techniques to minimize, reuse, and recycle resources or wastes.

  • Go sustainable
  • Committed to the environment
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle