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Single Point Building Materials


[T]he motivation behind Single Point Building Materials was to assist our customers in getting all their construction needs in one place. Our business model is structured vertically to interact directly with three customer types: direct customers, retailers and wholesalers.

For direct customers, our consultants and sales people are categorized for individuals and inexperienced, small contractors and big to giant contractors. However, for retailers and wholesalers, they are integrated with our system to order directly, either to directly to the customers or their warehouses.

In Single Point Building Materials we:
1. Import and Export Building Materials
2. Act as a liaison point in arranging the following services:
a. Consulting services for construction needs
b. Arranging for earth filling materials
c. Arranging machinery for hire
d. Providing earthwork
e. Providing building construction
f. Arranging Ready Mix concrete
g. Arranging building blocks and other finished building materials
h. Arranging mechanical contracting works
i. Arranging electrical contracting works

and more . . .

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