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Single Point Carpentry


[S]ingle Point Carpentry manufactures a wide range of products such as bespoke kitchens, interiors, bedrooms, furniture, doors, frames and whatever wood made products you require.

Single Point Carpentry designers and experts cater our customers with the options that could meet both their desires and budgets. The options could be regarding the material used, such as: ash, birch, cherry, elm, ebony, kingwood, oak, maple, mahogany, rosewood, satinwood, walnut, etc., the designs and dimensions options, or the way it is produced, i.e. handmade or by machine. Single Point Carpentry designers and experts convert a slab of wood into a piece of art and the raw wood to the desired furniture or decoration that fills your place with a unique character. At Single Point Carpentry is we accept all kind of projects, from multi-thousand house carpentry projects to a single furniture piece or even a gift item.