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[T]ransportation and Logistics has an inevitable role in a fast growing industry. Single Point Heavy Lifting was formed to cater the logistic need of our customers. Although the heavy lifting was part of the Hiring Business, the day to day increase in Transport and Logistic requirements showed that it was the need of the hour to separate the business form the Equipment Hiring Company, thereby concentrating more into the specific needs of the customers. The impact was tangible. Procurement of Heavy Lifting Cranes, Low Beds and Flat beds capable of carrying heavy loads and induction of specialist supervisors and operators have given the company an upper hand in the region.

Currently the company can boast of having the facility for lifting any weight ranging from 1 Ton to 400 Ton. The fleet consists of forklifts ranging from one Tone to cranes ranging to 400 Tones. Single Point Heavy Lifting is the only company to own a 400 Ton Tadano
crane in the Middle East.

The fleet includes equipment’s such as Man Lift, Scissor Lifts, Block handlers and many other types of equipment used for lifting and transporting.

The equipment’s are the most modern and are maintained mainly by the manufacturer’s agents on the Island. Machineries Provided -ina Nut Shell
• All Terrain Cranes
• Rough Terrain Cranes •Truck (Lorry) mounted cranes
• Block Handler
• Fork Lifts
• Man Lifts •Scissor Lifts
• Low Beds
• Flat beds
• Box Bodies

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[wp-svg-icons icon=”print” wrap=”b”] Fax: 17911421
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